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About Us

We provide dedicated batches for enthusiastic people with vast variety of courses to learn and achieve in a joyful but in dedicated regimes such as: -

  • MMA (Mixed martial art) which we combine with Taekwondo, Karate, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Jiu Jitsu. This training combo helps a learner to overcome any fighting fear by intensive practice of hand-to-hand combat/ mid-range/ long range attacks and counter defensive strikes either to defend ourself or defensive strikes to avoid unwanted circumstances.

  • Cross Fit or Cross Functional Training, the combination of differentiated highly intensive interval training exercises done with the help of a heavy tire along with hammer, battle rope, tables/ steppers, cardio ladder, floor exercises combine with jumping and momentum exercises either spotted or moving.

  • Pilates & TRX which are purely core intensive cluster of combined and dedicated exercises helps to improve core strength, postures, stances, movements to transform into power house.

  • Warriors Fighting Center Gurgaon, Near South City 1 Market, Sector 41 Gurgaon.

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